Cancer is a coping challenge.  It can turn your life upside down and be stressful at every turn. From Cancer to Health™ is a new program to give people with cancer the information and tools they need to manage their stress to improve their health throughout the cancer journey.

From Cancer to Health™ Can Help

From Cancer to Health™ was developed by health psychologists at The Ohio State University familiar with the challenges that cancer brings to patients of all types.  With grants from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute they developed and then tested the From Cancer to Health™  treatment in clinical trials.  They found that, compared to patients who did not receive the treatment, patients who received the From Cancer to Health™  treatment had:

  • Less stress by 77%
  • Improved physical functioning by 276%
  • Stronger immunity by 144%
  • Fewer physical symptoms by 43%
  • Improved social support by 231%
  • Positive dietary changes by 117%




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