Welcome to the Trainees-Only Support Site

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The From Cancer to Health™ Trainees-Only website has been created to help past attendees of the C2H training workshop connect with the C2H Instructors and fellow trainees. We are excited to connect with you through this beneficial, helpful and easy-to-use site!  After you log-in, the left hand side of the screen will display the current list of items that you can select.

The Discussion Board is for posting and replying to questions and new topics for discussion.  All of your fellow trainees and the C2H staff can respond to any questions about C2H delivery, promotion, reimbursement, or whatever would be helpful to you as a therapist.  The C2H trainers will be checking in frequently and respond to posted queries or topics as quickly as possible.  Use of the discussion board will create a constant flow of communication (particularly useful between the phone calls) and offer you new ideas and information. 

The Document Sharing option is a real resource for you. Here are documents for downloading---manuals, promotional material templates, slides, and others!  Across time we will be adding new materials and we will let you know via the Discussion Board.

Next, the Resources option provides a multitude of online resources from other investigators, clinicians, organizations (such as the ACS) which you can use with your patients.

We look forward to connecting with you through this website and sharing new and exciting findings and updates from the From Cancer to Health™ Training Team!

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